How To Organize Spaces in The Kitchen

Organizing the spaces in the kitchen is essential for many reasons: we optimize our movements in an environment where we necessarily spend at least some time every day, we can clean better and the environment will be tidy and functional. How can this be achieved? Let’s find out together.

The organization of kitchen tools

Often we start only and exclusively from the position and type of furniture we want: but the first thing to do is actually evaluate well how many equipment we have or would like to buy: if we are experienced cooks, or in any case passionate about cooking, we will certainly have rolling pins, moulds, pans, pasta cutters, but also household appliances as useful as they are bulky, such as planetary machines, food processors, centrifuges.

All these objects necessarily need a place to stay, if we have to find it, using a very simple method: organizing them in the best possible way.

If, for example, we use the planetary mixer a couple of times a year, we will certainly be able to reserve a place for it in a jamb away from our eyes and hands, perhaps above or behind something else; if, on the other hand, we have a design one and want to keep it on display, using it comfortably, we must take into account a worktop just for you.

The organization of the furniture

One of the main objectives of kitchen furnishing, in addition to design which is still a very important element, given that it will accompany us for some time, is certainly to make everything fit: simple to say, clear, but not always simple.

In very large rooms we will be led to fill the abundant space with many bases and wall units, in addition to the islands, only to realize that we needed more pantries; in small rooms, on the contrary, verticality is often exploited, given the small size, remaining then dry mouth on the presence of support surfaces.

A good designer will help us to dispel our mental confusion, helping us in a clear and detailed analysis that can help us create the kitchen of our dreams.

Furthermore, at home, and especially in the kitchen, space never seems to be enough, and that is why bespoke furniture is now also specializing in the interiors of new kitchens, organizing them as much as possible with special equipment and each with their particular function: from dividers for drawers and baskets, for cutlery and pots, but also lids, to wine cellars and mini-laundries.

Another fundamental factor is that of lighting, both inside the furniture and on the worktop, especially on corner bases.

The styles of the kitchens and spaces

Depending on the style we like, we can have a very minimal, very warm or even alternative environment: for this reason, choosing the tailor-made option allows you to create very different kitchens, but united by the need, as we said, to make everything fit.

Especially in modern and industrial-style kitchens, artisanal carpentry shops are moving towards the trend of containing more and more: but how?

After all, if the spaces are those, that much we won’t be able to fill them, and we also want to keep order at sight: by exploiting the linearity of the shapes of these styles, we can, however, recover centimetres thanks to solutions that create a greater depth of cabinets and bases, therefore higher than the canonical 60 cm, or even with the presence of low-height plinths, which thus allows us to obtain the highest and therefore capacious base compartments.

In classic kitchens, on the other hand, there is usually a tendency to improve only the internal organization, because there are more decorative elements and shelves to maintain in order not to make the environment too heavy.

Organizing the kitchen is therefore a fundamental way of keeping the whole house tidy and saving time and effort.

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