How To Choose Between a Modular Kitchen or a Custom Kitchen

What is convenient if you change your home or want to buy a new kitchen: the difference between a modular kitchen and a custom-made kitchen?

The choice of tailor-made kitchen, pros and cons

Those who intend to buy a new kitchen often find it difficult to choose between an artisanal one, made to measure by specialized carpenters, and a modular one, of industrial production and with most standard sizes and characteristics.

To solve this dilemma, we try to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of both categories, but always looking at the Rimini bespoke furniture solutions as well.

The advantages of custom-made kitchens are many, but the most salient are that of being able to customize them as they are made in an artisanal way, or not in series, they have the possibility of being repaired over the years and above all that every space is exploited to the millimetre.

There are large quantities of materials to choose from to customize your cooking area, such as laminate, stoneware, porcelain, resin, various lacquers, and wood and so on.

The advantage is also to obtain unique effects that are difficult to reproduce exactly. Furniture, wall units, cupboards and various equipment such as baskets, hinges, etc. will always be in production, good news for those in need of intervention repairs or for expansion of the initial furniture.

The only data for procuring the material is that of the manufacturer. Size and shape have no limits, as well as the requests for finishes and particular pieces to add that extra touch, such as integrating dividers, fireplaces, retractable walls.

The disadvantages are basically two, the cost and delivery times. Obviously, the work of the craftsmen has to be paid for and it takes time to create the much-desired island or peninsula, or the retractable wall required.

Modular kitchen, advantages and disadvantages

We come now to the modular kitchens. Let’s say they are standard, reasonably priced, and can be assembled quickly and easily. They are usually ready for delivery, as they are already composed of the essentials.

It is the basic model of the kitchens, which however does not have all the advantages of made to measure. True, trends, materials and colours can vary and many manufacturers of these cooking zones hire architects and interior designers internationally renowned to design them and create captivating and trendy models.

The customer will not have to pay any extra costs on the design, despite having a wide choice of styles and models available.

The modular kitchen also has a big advantage, which is to be seen on illustrated catalogues and displayed live, ready and already assembled, in the various showrooms.

Of course, there are also flaws: it is true that if you have the measures, you can find your own modular kitchen, but you must remember that it has fixed dimensions that do not take full advantage of every space.

Aesthetics, in some models, is sacrificed at the expense of convenience and if some wall unit breaks it is a problem, as it is difficult to find spare parts, especially after years of assembly.

Not to mention the flaws of every home: a modular kitchen certainly doesn’t get along with crooked rooms, asymmetries, niches and pillars.

How to choose the kitchen

If you have particular obligations, such as small spaces or specific needs and you are not looking at all costs for original and unique solutions, the kitchens of industrial production, or modular ones, can in many cases be a valid option, especially when you have limited budgets.

Obviously, this is an even more plausible possibility if it is a temporary solution, for example, if you are renting or having to move house.

If you opt for an original kitchen, you have to think about increasing the budget so as not to leave empty spaces and to turn to real experts if you want an exclusive product.

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