Modular kitchen: A Compact Concept

The diverse and compact design of a modular kitchen makes it a perfect hub for social gatherings, cooking and dining experiences, house parties, family festivals and so on.

A kitchen has always been central to the household. With more small apartments popping up around nowadays, the full use of space has become increasingly important. 

Why a Modular Kitchen?

The modular kitchen is a 21st-century concept which emphasizes the effective use of space. It is multi-functional in regards to its flexibility of being a cooking, dining and social gathering space altogether.

The previous concept of the kitchen being a closed cooking space has now become irrelevant. It is now one where people can explore culinary and social experiences together.

With families living in 1BHK apartments, the modular kitchen has become an asset. One that’s worth displaying. 

What Makes a Modular Kitchen?

Modular kitchens usually constitute modules each having wooden cabinets, countertops, internal accessories as its base. Additions could include gadgets like electric chimneys, built-in-ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers or others. 

The gadget additions are relatively new and add to the 21st-century look of the kitchen decor. It exudes a sense of sophistication yet utility at the same time.

The Popular Designs You Can Expect 

We have the I-shaped kitchen with its minimalistic approach that can incorporate multiple kitchen accessories within small spaces.

It enables more convenient access to materials when you are in a pinch to prepare something for a large group of people. With its design layout, you also have a dining space where we can enjoy those happy moments after a hectic day.

The U-shaped modular kitchen is a more compact layout for people, especially in a 1BHK apartment. It provides space for the essential appliances needed daily.

Then, we have the Island modular kitchen which has massive potential for storage, functionality, and style. It is customizable according to the home decor and size. 

It also features as a centrepiece to your kitchen design needs. Transitioning from the Island to your living room is smooth. It adds an integrated feel to your living space.

Factors That Need To Be Considered While Choosing A Modular Kitchen

l Kitchen size (per sq ft and volume of the room in inches)

l Cabinet material and finishing 

l Accessories

l Raw materials used for the countertops and backsplash

l Types of appliances

Linhoff meets each of these needs. One can see their vision to innovate and design functional custom-made ergonomic kitchens from the quality of their product. 

Using international or at-par procedures and raw materials, they manufacture their designs using cutting-edge Italian and Austrian machines based in Lucknow. Each design is a labour of love and passion.

Types of Modular Kitchens

In today’s era, many consumers are looking towards the concept of a modular kitchen. In essence, a modular kitchen is modern designed kitchen furniture. The layout makes use of modules of cabinets specifically designed to hold kitchen accessories and items, to make the most efficient use of space. 

Linhoff provides outstanding quality of modern designed kitchens to cater to every need. We are one of the best modular kitchen manufacturers in Lucknow, aiming at providing customer satisfaction at every level. There are numerous types of modular kitchens, and we can help you with any design you choose.

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