Solid Wood Kitchen: How To Enhance It

The solid wood kitchen can be the real star of your home if you tastefully match styles, surfaces, textures and colours.

Choose a solid wood kitchen means buying a range of kitchen cabinets superior quality and distinctive design. Solid wood, with its imperfections, gives a warm atmosphere to the kitchen environment.

Knots, shades of colour and irregular surfaces contribute to making each piece of furniture unique. But to make the most of the composition, it is necessary to evaluate the style of the house where it will be placed, the combinations with other materials and the latest trendy finishes.

Today the solid wood kitchen is no longer just synonymous with classic style or is exclusively linked to the country style of country houses. It is also perfect in city homes, combining contrasting finishes or adding small decorated tiles to the splash guard walls.

A solid wood kitchen best expresses all its aesthetic potential, especially if it is inserted in a minimalist style environment. In any case, to enhance the solid wood modular kitchen it is good to avoid filling its surfaces with objects and furnishing accessories.

To give an original touch, they can be combined with the numerous varieties of woods from every corner of the world such as cherry, oak, ash, walnut, African pear, poplar, chestnut and acacia, other materials such as stone walls or terracotta floors.

If you want unique pieces in the kitchen, you can consider the idea of ​​having decorated furniture made: the ductility of the wood allows you to create rich decorative effects such as inlays.

Among the trends for refined and original cuisine, there is that of scrap wood or pickling, a technique that allows you to remove the surface patina from the wood with metal brushes and abrasive papers.

After this step, a special wood wax will be applied which will give the furniture a worn effect. To accentuate the irregular effect of the wood, you can finally choose to have your kitchen furniture made with a planed finish: slight engravings will be recreated by hand by the craftsmen on the surface.

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