Simple Tricks To Clean The Modular Kitchen

Using the right products or homemade formulas assertively, you can get very good results in a short time. Cleaning the kitchen doesn’t have to be a problem for you!

Cleaning the Modular Kitchen is something that many people find difficult since they do not know where to start or what product to use to remove grease and dirt, without damaging the surfaces, finish everything in a short time and also achieve an impeccable result.

Certainly, if there is an area of ​​the house that gets dirty much more frequently than the others, that is, without a doubt, the kitchen.

Below we will present some tricks that can be useful when getting down to work with this space in the house that is essential that it is always well clean.

1. The countertop should come first when cleaning the kitchen

Countertops are one of the areas most susceptible to staining. They are made of a variety of materials, so it is important to ensure that a suitable product is purchased that will not damage this area of ​​the kitchen. To do this, it is essential to read their composition.

For example, if your countertop is made of marble, you can clean it and make it pristine by mixing: the juice of 1 lemon, warm water, and 1 whole glass of 70º alcohol or hydrogen peroxide (250 ml).


  • Mix the alcohol or hydrogen peroxide with the lemon and also the amount you need of warm water.
  • You will see how, if you rub a little, you are able to bring out great shine to this area.

2. Next step: the cooker hoods

Extractor hoods are another tricky area in the kitchen and thoroughly cleaning this part of the house is important. It is an area in which a large part of dirt accumulates and cleaning it requires a certain effort.

In the event that you have a steel extractor hood, you should know that to leave it clean and completely disinfected you need a little gin. This is a super useful trick that will also help you clean any appliance or steel utensil.

3. Now, to polish the kitchen utensils

If your cutlery is rusty there is a way to rescue them and make them look shiny again. You will only need half an onion and a little salt.


  • To restore the shine of forks and spoons you can use half an onion with salt and rub it on the damaged areas.
  • Failing that, you can also use soap and water to wash the dishes. Both tricks would be useful for that purpose.
  • In the case that the utensils are ceramic, you can clean them with a little ammonia and detergent.
  • If you have them made of wood, it is best that you try to whiten them with warm water mixed with hydrogen peroxide.

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