The 5 advantages of having an open kitchen in Lucknow

Lately, we see open modular kitchen. In fact, I myself have published several posts with beautiful houses and open kitchens. However, reading any comments you have left I wonder if open kitchens are something for everyone and that we really like all of us.

I have it clear, for me, the open kitchen is a concept that is here to stay. I want one. For this reason, in this post, I give you the five reasons why I totally bet on open kitchens. With some, you will agree and with others not … However, the good thing about design is that it opens debates and changes in perspectives, it always makes us reflect on the real needs we have.


Advantage 1: They are beautiful to rage
It is the first reason that comes to mind as soon as I see one. They are beautiful and perfectly integrated into the spaces. Open kitchens let in light, communicate spaces and if they are well planned, the truth is that they are fully integrated into the decoration. They are a safe bet if you have a few meters because they multiply them.

Advantage 2: Goodbye to tight spaces
Instead of having several small rooms (living room, dining room, and kitchen), open kitchens allow us to have many meters without walls and all in the same space. On the one hand, it may seem inconvenient if areas with good design are not delimited. However, if we make intelligent use of the meters, the environments will be perfectly located.

A good carpet in the dining area (goodbye to having two tables, one in the kitchen and one for guests) will give us a clear feeling of what function that space has; the back of a low sofa will act as a visual “firewall” and will delimit the reserved space as it is, and the islands and peninsulas (with stools or not) will delimit the kitchen area and the cupboard-style furniture.

It is no longer a matter of having guests or not. It is a matter of quality of life with the rest of the family. When the little ones are small, mothers have the need to keep an eye on them at all times. A kitchen is not the appropriate place for children and that they are outdoors without supervision, nor is it the best option, therefore, open spaces will give us that possibility.

Advantage 4: The best home appliances
Advances in household appliances allow us the possibility of having an open kitchen and that it is not a great disaster. Choosing a good, high-power range hood that collects grease and makes no noise is what will make the difference. One of the problems with previously open kitchens was precise that the house was full of odors and the furniture got dirty quickly. The quality hood is essential.

Whoever says the hood also says the dishwasher (due to the noise when it works) and the other appliances (the fridge cannot be a tanker when it loads). That is, we will have to invest a little more in quality to obtain the best results (or surely we will soon regret having an open kitchen).

Advantage 5: The light
We are becoming more and more aware of the importance of natural light in houses. It even influences our mood. The kitchens without light, where we spend many hours, in the end, are like the place you don’t want to return to. Many times there is no choice but to have a kitchen without light since they open onto a terrace (where we hang our clothes) or a patio without light. Little ventilation and even less sun.


Kitchens are the center of many houses. If we throw away the walls, we will be able to have space with all the possible light, which enters through the windows, often arranged on both sides of the house. This point, in itself, is already very important, because it totally changes how we live the main room of the house.

I do not know if I have convinced you, but when writing and thinking about this post, I reaffirm myself more in my decision … Total fan of open kitchens! … Have I convinced you?

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