Advantages of Modular Kitchens in Lucknow

Kitchens made of modular furniture are surely the most popular. Not only its price contributes to this, but also the fact that you can know everything about it at the moment, for example, see the design in a matter of minutes just by having the measurements of the room and know the price almost immediately. And in a society that seeks to know everything at the moment, this is highly valued.

We are going to analyze one by one the advantages of modular kitchens compared to custom furniture.

We do not have to wait Modular kitchens are usually always available. You just have to order the cabinets you want to buy and in a few days, they will be in our home. In custom kitchens, the cabinets have to be manufactured according to the previously requested requirements, which require much more time.

For this reason, if you want a kitchen that is practically said and done, the modular ones are always an option that guarantees shorter delivery and installation times.

They are cheaper. Although there is modular furniture made of high-end materials, it is usual for modular kitchens to be mid-range and that their materials are cheaper than custom kitchens. In addition, it must be taken into account that the design will be saved, which also has its value.

The design of a modular kitchen is very simple because it is totally dependent on the size of the furniture and the available cabinets, so generally, there is no charge to do it.

If your kitchen does not have strange shapes, they fit very well. In kitchens with smooth walls and right angles, this type of furniture is perfect and you can achieve effects very similar to those of custom-made kitchens, especially if you are looking for a simple design and without any adaptation. In summary, modular furniture is perfect when you do not want to spend more than necessary in the kitchen or do not require customization.

When looking for standard designs, these kitchens often meet every need, are quick to get, and easy to install.


Advantages of custom kitchens

For many, custom furniture has a charm and personality that cannot be imitated. If you are of this type of person, you will agree on the following advantages of custom-made furniture compared to modular ones.

They are fully customization. In modular furniture, there is a table of colors and materials to choose from, but when you opt for custom furniture, you can bet on whatever you want, combining colors or even choosing wood to paint it as you like. That allows the kitchen to be totally original and that it does not have to stick to anything that is previously established. The person will obtain an absolutely unique kitchen and different from the rest.

They have higher quality, in general. It is true that this is not always the case and that, as we have already said, there is modular furniture of all qualities. But in general, all kitchens with custom furniture are of very good quality since nobody is going to invest in the design and manufacturing work of carpenters and cabinetmakers to later use materials that will not last for many years.

These quality works are usually carried out on first-class materials, both in fine woods and in new synthetic but high-end materials.


All gaps and spaces are used. It doesn’t matter what the shape of the kitchen is or what you have in mind for it. Custom furniture makes the most of the space and allows you to make cupboards of all widths and heights and not just standard sizes. In addition, custom furniture adapts to all kinds of requirements, such as hiding a folding table and benches inside a cupboard, so that they can be removed when you want to use them and collected when you don’t.

Custom kitchens are perfect for those kitchens with unorthodox shapes that can complicate the installation of modular furniture or when very personal characteristics are requested that are not found in mass-produced furniture. They are also ideal for those looking for something different and very special, in very good quality woods and that differs from the styles that are usually found in modular furniture stores.

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